Maša Mlakar

(Ma-sha Ma-la-kar)

Population est. 1

An endangered species known to slave into the night working on new designs and intricate details. A smirk on it's face as a lack of sleep continues to add up. Spends hours on research to plan each minutia for maximum effect. It's art has been called everything from bonkers* (That’s a good thing by the way) to amazing. Typically found in it's natural habitat (Small cafe’s and bar’s) working in a dimly lit corner, oblivious to everyone and everything around it. The Masa is a rare and delicate creature in need of constant inspiration to help her creativity bloom.

Defined by Erik Menches

Ix & Product Designer

Based in San Francisco

Hey there,

I'm sorry I can't offer a better preview of my work at the moment, but here's a potato instead!